Lume is an open-source set of design guidelines for creating data visualizations that tell stories, and a component library that implements them, built for Vue applications.

Why we created Lume

Good data visualization needs proper research, on all fronts. We found that existing open-source data visualization systems lacked robust documentation, didn't follow design and accessibility best practices, or didn't offer a code implementation of their guidelines.

Being data viz enthusiasts and having high standards for the best graphics possible, we created our own system: Lume.

How to get started with Lume

On this website, you will find our design guidelines and documentation for the Vue components that implement them.

If you're a designer, start by reading about our core principles!
If you're a front-end developer, start by installing Lume in your project!

The team behind Lume

Current contributors: Govind Srinidhi, João Santos, Katerina Gavrilo, and Samira van Rhee.
Past contributors: Lucas van Heerikhuizen, Naseera Essop, Shantanu Tarey, and Vivian Joseph.
Honorary mention to the founding father: Luuk van der Meer.